What Predator should Hot Toys make a figure of next?

What Predator should Hot Toys make a figure of next?

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Young BloodMember16 XPApr-26-2016 9:46 AM

I would love to see Hot Toys make a figure of the Concrete Jungle Predator from the 2005 game: Predator Concrete Jungle. This predator looks very messy and unique. It has the Celtic mask(which is my favorite), but with a red scar added to it. The design of its wrist blade is very unique compare to the other wrist blade designs, along with its armor.




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Broken TuskAdmin23354 XPApr-26-2016 11:36 AM

Loved PREDATOR: Concrete Jungle, ID be totally fine with a Hot Toys figure if it. But the Ritual Armor is one I'd love to see!

Shame there aren't any decent HD pics of it online.

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